White Paper
UV-C Robot

Oct 2020

New UV-C Robot helps shops and businesses target Covid and stop the spread     #inthistogether

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent track and trace initiative has driven the need for steadfast hygiene in public spaces to safeguard UK citizens and prevent spread. Now more than ever, employers, retailers and hospitality owners are responsible for deploying a robust indoor cleaning protocol to stop the spread of Covid in high footfall everyday environments. To address these significant industry needs, UV Systems UK, part of the Topline group, has teamed up with automation expert Omron to produce an autonomous robotic sterilisation system to kill the virus without damage or harm to surrounding goods.

The robotic system incorporates proven UV-C light sterilisation technology which, for decades, has kept the general public safe from harmful bacteria in major leisure centres across the UK. The solution has now been adapted to kill the Covid virus alongside any future outbreaks and harmful bacteria and pathogens in work and leisure environments in a fast, thorough, efficient and safe manner. Delivered by an innovative mobile robotic system, the faultless sanitisation technology guarantees to eliminate 99% of lingering Covid virus cell from ceiling to floor with full traceability, a task that would be impossible using manual and mechanical cleaning processes. With affordable leasing options, any business owner can benefit from the UV-C Robot to protect their brand, staff and customers.

Coronavirus survival rate up to 28 days on surfaces

The coronavirus outbreak has posed significant challenges to businesses within the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors where large groups of people are in contact with each other and with goods or objects, particularly as the situation continues to evolve. Although initial reviews suggested the virus survival rate ranged from two hours to nine days, a recent study by Australia’s national science agency suggests it can remain infectious on surfaces such as banknotes, phone screens and stainless steel for up to 28 days.[1] While there’s no certainty over how long the coronavirus will continue, scientists have warned a vaccine may not help life return to normal until 2025.

Regular deep-cleaning plays a vital role in limiting the transmission of the coronavirus, with Public Health England highlighting the importance of regularly sanitising frequently touched surfaces. Companies such as supermarkets, gyms, spas and offices that don’t follow this protocol run the risk of an outbreak traced to their facility and a subsequent closure. Not only would this lead to a significant loss of business, but your brand, consumer safety and workforce wellbeing are on the line.

UV-C as a proven sterilisation solution

Although manual and mechanical cleaning processes provide protection against both the coronavirus and future outbreaks, how can a supermarket, for example, be sure that these dangerous invisible microorganisms have been satisfactorily removed from every touchpoint throughout the entire store? Designed to complement these cleaning methods, UV-C light has been proven as a failsafe method to combat other viruses such as SARS, MERS and Ebola in a thorough, faster and less labour intensive manner. It also reduces the need for powerful chemicals that present health and safety risks to the operator.

UV radiant energy has a long history for this purpose, having first been used for disinfecting surfaces in 1877, for water in 1910 and for air in 1935. It works by using a short-wavelength ultraviolet ‘light’, or radiant energy, to distort the genetic material of harmful organisms, rendering them incapable of creating copies of themselves. In the context of virus sterilisation, a powerful subtype of UV light known as UV-C has been shown to be the most effective. This was proven in 2020 by Boston University researchers who validated UV-C light sources were capable of inactivating SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The UV-C Robot: A frontline weapon against Covid and beyond

Answering the need for a reliable, safe and accurate platform to administrate UV-C light and stop the spread of the coronavirus in open spaces, Topline adapted its proven technology to create the UV-C Robot. For over 18 years, the company has been designing, manufacturing, marketing, installing and providing onsite technical support for water sterilisation, with over 1000 UV installations for treating water alone in major enterprises including David Lloyd Leisure, Virgin Active, Accor Hotel Group and Village Hotels.

Taking this experience and applying it to open indoor spaces, Topline incorporated innovative features in its solution to tackle Covid. An array of precision UV-C lamps developed by Phillips are mounted on top of a cutting-edge mobile robot base provided by Omron, creating a completely autonomous sterilisation system. As opposed to other UV robots on the market, Topline’s solution has been refined with bespoke UV reflectors to ensure the UV-C concentration is strong enough to kill Covid quickly and efficiently.

Although manual processes are still required to clean away visible dirt, this is the only way to neutralise and eliminate harmful pathogens, bacteria and viruses from every single surface and touchpoint. Once these are neutralised, they will present no further risk to your customers and