Water Treatment UV

UV-C For Water Treatment

Used to kill harmful micro-organisms whilst minimising the amount of chemical needed in the pool itself, thus reducing the amount of by-products from chlorination, ultra violet generation is ideal for all types of pools and Topline offer both low pressure and medium pressure ultra violet generators.  We also offer servicing on all manufacturers’ makes and models.

For health clubs, schools, hotels and similar type pools, we manufacture a low pressure model requiring minimal power, few spares and with no moving parts. Relying on Phillips ultra violet lamps to do the work, the unit is reliable and very robust in operation.

For the larger public pool we would offer a medium pressure UV model. Although requiring far more power and having many more serviceable parts, medium pressure UV has the capability to reduce higher concentrations of pollutants at a faster rate.

Ultra Violet (UV) treatment systems offer many benefits for swimming pool water treatment. Whilst it does not replace the need for chlorination it does supplement this method.
Benefits include:

  • Destruction of and protection against Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • A reduction in chloramines (combined chlorine)
  • Supplementary disinfection
  • Prevention against algae growth
  • Increased bather comfort
  • Reduced chlorine residual in the water (lower set point)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • A reduction in the amount of dilution required

The Topline ultra violet treatment system is configured to treat a pool with a flow rate of 15m3 per hour. Using low pressure UV lamps at a wavelength of 254nm, the system has a proven germicidal effect. The flow of water through the system has been calculated to provide optimum contact with the UV light without any shadow areas, ensuring all the water is fully treated.