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fully autonomous UV-C Robot

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent track and trace initiative has driven the need for steadfast hygiene in public spaces to safeguard UK citizens and prevent spread. Now more than ever, employers, retailers and hospitality owners are responsible for deploying a robust indoor cleaning protocol to stop the spread of coronavirus in high footfall everyday environments. To address these significant industry needs, UV Systems UK, part of the Topline group, has teamed up with automation expert Omron to produce an autonomous robotic sterilisation system to kill the virus without damage or harm to surrounding goods.

The robotic system incorporates proven UV-C light sterilisation technology which, for decades, has kept the general public safe from harmful bacteria in major leisure centres across the UK. The solution has now been adapted to kill the coronavirus alongside any future outbreaks and harmful bacteria and pathogens in work and leisure environments in a fast, thorough, efficient and safe manner. Delivered by an innovative mobile robotic system, the faultless sanitisation technology guarantees to eliminate 99% of lingering coronavirus from ceiling to floor with full traceability, a task that would be impossible using manual and mechanical cleaning processes. With affordable leasing options, any business owner can benefit from the UV-C Robot to protect their brand, staff and customers.